Monday, May 8, 2017

Final animation

The file was too big to export as a gif, so here are some screenshots.
the words write out and are all jiggly

basically every element in here tweens,
and the two birds sigh

Final website

My final website. Actually pretty gosh darn proud of this.

My final booklet

"Goodnight Stars"

In the great green tree...

There was a lily and a bee

And a cup full of tea

And an old yellow hat,
and two baby bats

And a car,
a guitar,
and a sky full of stars.

Goodnight lily,
goodnight bee

Goodnight cup,
and goodnight tea

Goodnight hats,
goodnight bats

Goodnight car,
goodnight guitar

Goodnight sky,
goodnight stars.

Adobe Animation

My first animation using Adobe Animate:


Really not sure how to make a blog post about my website, 
so here's a screenshot of the home page.